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Camper Packing List


Sleeping bag or twin sheet set and pillow and pillowcase.  



Remember to pack enough for the entire week.  Laundry machine use is limited to emergency washing only!


Sleepwear, Bathrobe


T-shirts/tank tops (straps must be as thick as 2 fingers wide – no exceptions)

Long pants

Shorts/capris must be of modest length; no exceptions!  Please remember that this is an Orthodox Christian camp.

Sweatshirt /Jacket for cool evenings

Sneakers / closed-toed shoes

Flip flops for the pool area

Swimsuit (modest one piece only for girls).  Girls are also required to wear a cover-up over their bathing suits when outside the pool area.

Appropriate attire for attending Divine Liturgy

-Girls: Long dresses or skirts that cover your knees (no slits and not see-through), a sweater or sleeves that cover your elbows, closed-toed shoes.

-Boys: Button up shirts with collar and sleeves, long pants, and closed-toed shoes





Sunglasses and/or hat

Swimming goggles


Insect Repellent

Brush, Comb, and Hair Accessories

Shampoo/ Conditioner

Soap or body wash

Toothbrush, toothpaste/ personal toiletries

Towels for showering & swimming

Wash Cloth



Spending money for excursions.  Please, no more than $20.  Less is better!

Laundry bag

Comforts of home: photo, stuffed animal, favorite book (make sure they’re replaceable)

Notebook/Pen/Pencil (optional)



If your camper brings medication, it must be given to the Health Care Person (Camp Doctor/Nurse). The medication MUST be in its original container, including all over-the-counter and prescription medications.  This includes allergy medications.



Cameras (we will have photographers), Radios, CD /MP3 Players, Cell Phones, or other electronics, fireworks, skateboards/etc. These items are disruptive to the camp experience. If these items are brought, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the camp session.



Weapons (guns, knives, etc.), drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and related illegal drug substances. If these items are brought, they will be confiscated and the camper will be SENT HOME.



The Camp Director and Clergy Director reserve the right to terminate the participation of any camper who does not follow the guidelines of the program or through his/her actions or behavior, which provides a disruption to the summer camp program or the experience of other participants. No refunds will be given for any parts of the program missed by the camper. Please also note that you will be financially responsible for any damage to the property by your camper. This includes writing names or messages on the cabin bunk beds, patio tables, or defacing the property in any way. Please make sure to communicate this to your camper.



Campers and Counselors will wear appropriate clothing suitable for an Orthodox Christian camp. Midriff tops, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, and/or halter tops are NOT permitted. The rule of thumb for shoulder straps will be the TWO FINGER WIDE rule. Short shorts are not permitted for boys or girls. Exposed midriffs are not acceptable.  Jeans and modest shorts may be worn at any time, except during Divine Liturgy.  


Shirts must be worn at all times except when swimming. Guys—no shirts with the armholes clear down to the bottom of the shirttail (large openings).

Bikinis, 2 (two) pieces, tankinis, or other brief swimwear are not permitted. For safety purposes, shoes must be worn at all times.

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