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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the time of registration/drop off for campers each week?

A: Registration and drop off takes place each week on Sunday between 2 pm and 4 pm.

Q: What is the time when camp ends and we should pick up our campers?

A: Camp ends on Saturday morning each week.  A simple buffet continental breakfast is provided at 9 am.  Campers may be picked up between the hours of 9 am and 11 am each Saturday.

APRIL 1st!

Q: Can campers be picked up and taken home on Friday evening at the end of the talent show?

A: Yes, campers may be released to their parents or guardians on Friday evening but  they must be signed out and released by the camp director.

Q: Why are campers limited to only two weeks of camp, including those who go to Culture Camp?

A: We have to limit the participation of each camper to only two weeks so we can serve more individual campers each season.

Q: What time does the talent show start and who is allowed to attend?

A: The talent show begins around 8 pm Friday evening.  Parents, kumovi and friends are welcome to come for dinner at 6 pm and to stay for the show.  After the show, a dance is prepared for campers only.  Parents and family members must vacate the Main Hall.  Siblings may not attend the dance if they are not registered for the week of camp.

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

A: Our kitchen managers will do their best to accommodate special dietary needs.  Please communicate your camper’s special needs early in the registration process so arrangements can be made.  Parents will be responsible for providing provisions for special diets.

Q: What is your device policy? Can my child bring their phone/tablet/computer?

A: All personal electronic devices are prohibited at camp.  Should you send a cell phone with your child, it will be taken by the camp director on the first day and returned at the end of the week.  One of our goals at Camp St. Sava, is to show our children that they can be free of their electronic gadgets for a week or more.

Q: What if I need to get in touch with my child in case of an emergency, how do I do that?

A: Call the camp phone number, (209) 223-1437 and ask to speak with the camp director.

Q: Can I visit my child during camp?

A: Visitors are welcome at meal times, however, it is best that they not interfere with a camper’s participation in the daily activities.  Visitors must make themselves known to the camp director when they arrive and when they leave the campus.

Q: It's my child's birthday during camp.  Can I send them a special treat?

A: Parents are welcome to offer a special treat/dessert to acknowledge the birthday of their camper.  Arrangements should be made in advance with the camp director and the kitchen manager.

Q: If registration has been closed for the week of our choice, what should we do?

A: You could choose another week if it fits your schedule.  Or, enter your camper's name into the wait list.  Changes and cancellations often have to be made at the last minute.  We generally have been able to accommodate most campers who have registered on the automatic wait list.

Q: Are the wait list entries accepted on a first in/first out basis?

A: No, we can only accept a camper from the wait list when another cancels of the same gender and age group.

Q: Are there any additional fees or charges that a camper will have to pay during the camp session?

A: The camp tuition fee paid in advance covers all expenses for activities during the camp session.  The fee also includes the cost of one camp T-shirt, a camp photo and all meals and snacks. If you send some pocket money with your camper to buy incidentals or souvenirs, please limit the amount to $20.00 or less.

Q: May we send a “care” package to our camper?

A: There is no need to send “care” packages to your campers.  Campers receive three full meals a day as well as two or three snacks throughout the afternoon and evening.  Sending candy is especially discouraged.

Q: If a camper attends two sessions of camp, will he/she receive two camp T-shirts?

A: Campers will only receive two T-shirts if they attend both the Culture Camp as well as the Diocesan Camp.  The T-shirts and logos for the two camps are different.

Q: My child is registered for 2 weeks in a row, are they allowed to stay the weekend?

A: Campers who are registered for two weeks in a row will be permitted to stay over the weekend.  There is a $60 charge to cover meals and activities for the two days.  This fee will be added to your registration process automatically.
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