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Summer Camps

Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp

Thinking about how to keep your kids busy during their summer break? If so, why not enroll them in a summer camp. Summer camps are a great way for your children to keep busy, learn new skills and meet new friends. Here are few reasons to send your kid to summer camp:


It keeps them busy

First of all, it keeps them busy. Summer camps allow your child to stay, both, socially and physically active. Instead of having them just sleep in or play video games all day, a summer camp for kids will have a variety of activities for them to participate in. Most of these activities include groups, so your child will be making new friends instead of being bored at home. 


It keeps them away from technology

Being in a summer camp keeps them away from technology. Because they will be so engaged in activities this means limited time on the Ipad or Iphone. This will make them appreciate what they have around them and not depend on smart devices for entertainment.


It teaches them independence

When you send your child away to summer camp, it keeps them away from parents. A summer camp for kids will allow your child to take instruction from new adults and counselors, and bring them into an unfamiliar environment. This means that they will learn to be independent and learn how to be emotionally and socially confident. 


If you are looking for a summer camp for kids, check out Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center. For over fifty years, Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center has been the gathering place for Serbian Orthodox families and children in the West. Thousands upon thousands have spent memorable weeks in Jackson, California, where lasting friendships have been formed. The summer camp gives us the opportunity to reaffirm both our Christian faith and our unique cultural heritage. It is also the place where our children learn life lessons and Christian values. Summer camp activities include: arts and crafts, swimming, folk dancing and singing, skit night talent show, daily worship services.

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