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Dorm Style Rentals

Visiting Jackson, CA? Make Your Stay at The Dorm Style Rentals at Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center

Jackson is a thriving tourist destination in California. There are many points of interest and tourist attractions that make this wonderful town a place you should experience. If you would love wine, there are many vineyards around where you can try some incredible tasting wine. If you are up for adventure, check out the caves. If you want to get some exercise, there are many hiking trails with scenic views. The historic town of Jackson offers opportunities for shopping, antique hunting, restaurants and museums dedicated to the California Gold Rush days. The Sierra Foothills offer other recreational activities including natural caves and caverns, Indian camp sites, lakes, fishing and, of course, gold panning in the rivers and streams. 


And if you are looking for a place to stay around Jackson, check out the dorm style rentals at Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center. As a matter of fact, part of the St. Sava Mission property is a tourist attraction in itself because it was once the site of the Ziele Gold Mine. Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center offers large group vacation rentals with amenities that will make your stay a pleasurable experience. The facility has a near Olympic size swimming pool which can be used from June through September.  It also has a basketball/tennis sports court, baseball fields and a sand volleyball court. A small playground exists with slides and a jungle gym for younger children. The St. Sava Mission property is conveniently located within walking distance of downtown Jackson. 


You will truly feel like you are on a wilderness adventure when you make your stay at Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center. So if you are looking for dorm style rentals or large group vacation rentals around Jackson, CA, contact Saint Sava Mission & Retreat Center today.

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