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Church Camps

Why Church Camps Are Great for Children

If you are wondering if you child should attend a church camp? If so, there are many reasons for why your child should join a church camp. Below are just a few reasons:


It teaches them independence

Camp is a great time for your child to learn some independence, but still have plenty of adult supervision around. With no one to nag to or to remind them to brush their teeth, your child will learn responsibility and independence by cleaning their beds, getting ready on time, keeping their belongings together, etc. 


They will have models to look up to

During camps, especially church camps, your child will be under the supervision of positive role models. Now we can’t say that every camp staffer will be a positive role model, so it is important to do some research on the camp that you plan for your child to attend. And if you are still nervous, but still want your child to experience what it is to go to camp, then ask if you could volunteer. 


It is fun

This is the most obvious reason. Camp is truly fun. During the summer, this allows your child to engage in fun activities outdoors instead of being all cooped up in the home watching TV or playing on the Ipad. Plus, it offers them the perfect opportunity to meet with new people and build new friendships. 


Build a Relationship with God

When it comes to church camp, not only will your child build independence, meet new people and have fun, but it also allows them to grow spiritually. Even if your child might choose a different faith when they grow up, you are giving them the opportunity to step into their own relationship with God without all the distractions of the outside world. 


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